About us


“We owe so much to the music of the Balkan’s people, it shows us a wonderful world of extraordinary richness of rhythms that only exists in this place….”
Yehudi Menuhin


The music of a people is a reflection of its history, transformations and relations with the others. Traditional music is the living memory of a people and the music of the Balkans is a true treasure of rhythms and musical structure. The Balkans have been the meeting point between Asia, the Near East and the West, and they have integrated this exchange in an extraordinary and unique cultural heritage. The specific and complex rhythms of this region are a treasure for musicologists.
The last 25 years, carried a blow to the living transmission of this music. Great artists and orchestras have disappeared without leaving a single goo quality recording.
This project aims to highlight the musical richness of Balkan countries, to find their meeting points in music, to create a bridge between Balkans and other European musicians. Through researches on Balkan musical traditions and creative musical dialogue between artists, we will stimulate new forms of collaboration to revive, preserve and promote this invaluable heritage. The project will offer the artists an opportunity for intensive cultural exchanges, improved communication skills and access to new audiences in the EU.