• Miroljub Šaković, Miroljub Raketić
  • 02 September
  • център за култура Гродска
  • Изпълнител:

    Miroljub Šaković, Miroljub Raketić

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    център за култура Гродска

A specific form of old two-part singing from the region of southwestern Serbia known as “iz vika” (clamor singing). This is ancient form performed by two singers. The interval of the second is perceived as consonant and the precise intonation in various natural measures is regarded as the utmost aesthetic ideal. Unlike some other forms of Serbian two-part singing “iz vika” has survived up to nowadays with a respectable number of singers of both older and middle generation ( middle: the singers in their 50ies or 60ies) and public performing can still be heard on village gatherings in Zlatibor and Zlatar mountain. The best among them such as Miloljub Šaković, Miroljub Raketić, Tomka Paunović, Milojko Leković, Prvoslav Otašević are willing to share their knowledge and train young singers.